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Scope of Practice

Scope of Practice

In New Brunswick paramedics are practicing currently at the 2011 National Occupational Competency Profile level as set forth in the bylaws of the Association.

Each year, medics complete sixty-four (64) educational credits from a combination of patient contacts, employer provided education, short courses, online, journals, and volunteer activities. This helps the practitioner remain current in the profession. This also allows PANB to measure the practice of medics coming from other jurisdictions and ensure they meet or exceed our professional standards and thus protect the interest of the public. The NOCP guidelines also allow the educational institutions determine their curriculum based on what expectations a professional association expects from its graduates.

PANB laid the groundwork in 2011 to ensure paramedics in this province would continue to practice according to the newest version of the NOCP’s available at that time. This ensures our professionals are at the top of their game and leading the way in paramedicine.

The most recent version of the NOCP is available for download below. The name was changed for ease of use. This document was copied from the Paramedic Association of Canada website and for more information please visit their site. The link below will direct you to the National Occupational Competency Profile page.