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Webster 2016


Notice of Discipline Committee Decision Respecting Leigh Webster

The Discipline Committee, by a decision dated March 30, 2016, found that the Member, Leigh Webster:

    1. was unable to complete a training and remediation plan to address deficiencies in his practice such as patient assessment, situational awareness, decision making, communication, technical skills and integration,
    2. is not now competent, fit or capable to practise as a Paramedic.

The Discipline Committee ordered that the Member’s registration and membership be revoked, that the Member be prohibited from practising paramedicine and from using any title,  words, figures or letters indicating the Member is or was a paramedic, and that the Member pay costs of $3000 should the Member apply for reinstatement of registration and membership in the future.

The Member is unable to apply for reinstatement until evidence is provided which confirms the Member is fit to return to practice and has the knowledge, skills and practise abilities necessary to practise as a paramedic.