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Stewart 2017


Notice of Fitness to Practise Committee Decision respecting Charles Stewart

The Fitness to Practise Committee (“Committee”) of the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick by a decision dated August 10, 2017 found that the Member, Charles Stewart, demonstrated significant deficiencies in clinical practice including difficulties with patient assessment, situational awareness, decision-making, resource utilization, communication, technical skill and integration, and is unfit and incapable of practicing as a paramedic due to incompetence in that the Member does not possess the knowledge, skill and judgement necessary to safely carry on the practice of a paramedic.

The Committee ordered that:

    1. the Member’s registration and membership be revoked;
    2. the Member be prohibited from practising paramedicine and from using any title, words, figures or letters indicating he is or was a Paramedic;
    3. the Member shall not be eligible to apply for reinstatement of registration and membership with the Association for a minimum period of one year and until he submits sufficient evidence that satisfies the Registrar that he is medically fit and clinically competent to return to practice in a safe manner; and
    4. the Member pay costs in the amount of $1,000 to the Association.