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Member 2016


Notice of Discipline Committee Decision

The Discipline Committee (“Committee”) of the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick by a decision dated July 14, 2016 reprimanded a Member for failing to maintain an adequate level of clinical knowledge and skills. The Member underwent remediation and education with the employer and was successfully returned to the full clinical scope of his practice by his employer.

The Committee ordered that the Member:

    1. is reprimanded for failing to maintain an adequate level of clinical knowledge and skills;
    2. upon his return to practice as a paramedic, shall cause his employer to submit a report of completion of his return-to-work program;
    3. cause written performance evaluations, satisfactory to the employer, to be submitted to the Registrar from each and every employer at 4, 8 and 12 months from the date of his return to practice; and
    4. pay costs of the Association in the amount of $500 to the Association within 12 months of his return to practice.