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McKillop 2015


Notice of Discipline Committee Decision respecting Damon McKillop

The Discipline Committee, by a decision dated January 19, 2015, found that the Member, Damon McKillop:

    1. due to his failure to undertake the necessary training, was practicing beyond his scope of practice as an EMT for a significant period of time,

    2. was aware of his licensure level and knowingly continued to practice beyond his scope of practice and disregarded Ambulance New Brunswick’s protocols, policies and procedures,

    3. in knowingly providing services beyond his skills, demonstrated a disregard for thewelfare of the recipients of his services,

    1. in practicing beyond his scope of practice, demonstrated professional misconduct and incompetence.

The Discipline Committee ordered that the Member’s registration and membership be revoked,that he be prohibited from practicing paramedicine and from using any title, words, figures orletters indicating he is or was a paramedic, that he pay a fine of $1,000, and that he pay costs of$5,000 should he apply for reinstatement of registration in the future.

The Member is unable to apply for reinstatement for a period of 2 years and until he has met therequirement for registration as a Primary Care Paramedic.