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Masocato 2016


Notice of Fitness to Practise Committee Decision respecting Lana Masocato

The Fitness to Practise Committee, by a decision dated March 30, 2016, found that theĀ Member, Lana Masocato:

    1. is currently unable to practise as a Paramedic due to a medical condition,
    2. does not meet the standards required for practise as a Paramedic, and
    3. is unfit or incapable to practise as a Paramedic at this time.

The Fitness to Practise Committee ordered that the Memberā€™s registration and membership be revoked, that she be prohibited from practicing paramedicine and from using any title, words, figures or letters indicating she is or was a paramedic. Prior to the Member being eligible toĀ apply for reinstatement of registration, she will be required to provide medical reports fromĀ health professionals that demonstrate she is fit to safely practise as a paramedic and 6 negativeĀ random drug screening tests for narcotic and non-prescription drugs during the 12 monthsĀ preceding her application for reinstatement.

Once the Member has fulfilled the conditions mentioned above and she applies for registration,Ā she will be eligible for a conditional registration with the conditions that she cause writtenĀ performance evaluation from her employer at 3, 6 and 12 months after her return to practice,Ā submit to 6 random drug screening tests in the 12 months following her return to active practice, provide each employer with a copy of the decision, notify the Registrar of any change in address or employer within 10 days and pay costs of $3000 within 12 months after her return to active practice.