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Hebert 2016


Notice of Discipline Committee Decision Respecting Jacques HĆ©bert

The Discipline Committee, by a decision dated March 30, 2016, found the following with respectĀ to the Member, Jacques HĆ©bert:

    1. his conduct and criminal conviction for theft from his employer constitute dishonesty, professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming a Member and conduct adversely affecting the standing and good name of the profession and the Association,
    2. he was not credible in his testimony, not forthcoming in admitting his guilt despite his criminal conviction and has not shown remorse for his actions,
    3. he disregarded the Code of Values and Ethics of the Association by disregarding the values of honour, integrity and accountability, and
    4. his conduct does not meet the ethical standards expected of a Paramedic.

The Discipline Committee ordered that the Memberā€™s suspension previously ordered by theĀ Complaints Committee be continued until he successfully completes his probation, that he beĀ reprimanded and that he pay a fine in the amount of $500 and costs in the amount of $3000.

The Member is not eligible to be registered until he pays the fine and costs ordered, providesĀ written confirmation of completion of his probation, he complies with all requirements forĀ registration and completes a return to practice program as determined by the Registrar.