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Grady 2021


Notice of Fitness to Practise Committee Decision Respecting Christopher Grady

The Fitness to Practise Committee of the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick, by a decision dated July 21, 2021, found that a complaint against the Member, Christopher Grady, had been substantiated and that the Member’s conduct and actions constituted incompetence and conduct that he is unfit or incapable of practising as a paramedic. The Committee found that the Progressive Remediation Program for the Member was unsuccessful in that the results of the final evaluation demonstrated he lacked knowledge, skill and judgement of such a nature and to such an extent that amounted to incompetence.

By a decision dated August 20, 2021, the Committee ordered that:

  1. the Member’s right to registration and membership be revoked;

  2. the Member be prohibited from practising paramedicine and from using any title, words, figures or letters indicating he is or was a paramedic;

  3. the Member pay a portion of the costs associated with the Complaint of $7,500; and

  4. the Member shall not be eligible for registration for 2 years and is not eligible to apply for reinstatement until he successfully completes the Paramedic Refresher Program and pays the costs outlined above.

The Committee made no order with respect to a fine.