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Dobson 2020


Notice of Fitness to Practise Committee Decision Respecting Thomas Dobson

The Fitness to Practise Committee (“Committee”) of the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick by a decision dated January 7, 2020 found that the Member’s actions resulted in professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming a member and conduct adversely affecting the standing or good name of the profession when receiving a criminal conviction resulting in supervised probation for 12 months and prohibition from possessing or carrying a firearm for 10 years and when committing an assault on his spouse.

The Committee ordered that:

    1. the Member’s registration and membership be revoked;
    2. the Member be prohibited from practicing paramedicine and from using any title, words, figures or letters indicating he is or was a paramedic; and
    3. the Member pay a fine of $1,000 and costs of $3,000.