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Brame 2022


Notice of Discipline Committee Decision Respecting Clare Brame

The Discipline Committee of the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick, by a decision dated October 26, 2021, found that a complaint against the Member, Clare Brame, had been substantiated and that the Member’s actions of intentionally delaying a response to a request for service as she felt the call should have been assigned to a different area, constitutes professional misconduct in that her conduct is a digression from established or recognized professional standards or rules of practice of the profession to protect the public and to respond as quickly as possible to emergency calls.

By a decision dated April 13, 2022, the Committee ordered that:

  1. the Member be reprimanded and the reprimand recorded in the registration records of the Member;

  2. the Member pay costs of $3,500 and a fine of $1,500 within 24 months of the decision; and

  3. the Member successfully complete a course relating to ethics/professional conduct, within 90 days of the decision, with the cost of the course to be paid by the Member.