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Boudreau 2018


Notice of Discipline Committee Decision respecting Diane Boudreau

The Discipline Committee (“Committee”) of the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick by a decision dated March 21, 2018, found that the Member, Diane Boudreau, made inappropriate or degrading comments to or in front of vulnerable patients over the course of many years, did not follow glove wearing protocol during some calls, failed to properly asses and treat patients and that her behaviour was repetitive. The Committee found that the Member’s inappropriate communications and behaviour constitute professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming a member and conduct adversely affecting the standing or good name of the profession. The Committee also found that the member demonstrated a lack of skills and judgment, incompetence and that her conduct did not meet the standards expected of a paramedic.

The Committee ordered that:

    1. the Member’s registration and membership be revoked;
    2. the Member be prohibited from practising paramedicine and from using any titles, words, figures or letters indicating she is or was a Paramedic;
    3. the Member shall not be eligible to apply for reinstatement of registration and membership with the Association for a minimum period of one year and until she:
      1. submits sufficient evidence that satisfies the Registrar that she is fit to return to practice; and
      2. pay a fine in the amount of $2,500 to the Association.
    4. upon application for reinstatement, the Member shall be eligible to receive a conditional registration subject to several conditions including performance evaluations and payment of costs in the amount of $2,500 to the Association.