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Bergsma 2018


Notice of Discipline Committee Decision respecting Devon Bergsma

The Discipline Committee (“Committee”) of the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick by a decision dated August 2, 2018, found that the Member, Devon Bergsma, demonstrated professional misconduct and incompetence in relation to a call by being overly aggressive in his treatment of a patient, by disregarding a physician’s recommended dosage of a drug which caused the patient to require ventilation. The Committee also found that the Member, during a separate call, failed to complete a patient assessment following the administration of medication. Finally, the Committee found that the Member’s fabrication and falsification of information on Patient Care Records constituted dishonesty and a failure to comply with the standards of documentation.

The Committee also found that the Member demonstrated conduct unbecoming a member, conduct adversely affecting the standing or good name of the profession and a failure to meet minimum standards of knowledge, skills and practice required of a paramedic.

The Committee ordered that:

    1. the Member’s registration and membership be revoked;
    2. the Member be prohibited from practising paramedicine and from using any titles, words, figures or letters indicating he is or was a Paramedic;
    3. the Member shall not be eligible to apply for reinstatement of registration and membership with the Association for a minimum period of one year and until he:
      1. submits sufficient evidence that satisfies the Registrar that he is fit to return to practice;
      2. provides the Registrar with proof of successful completion of a Paramedic Refresher Program;
      3. pays a fine in the amount of $2,500 to the Association; and
      4. pays costs in the amount of $2,500 to the Association.
    4. the Member’s application for reinstatement be restricted to a Primary Care Paramedic;
    5. the Member is not eligible to apply for reinstatement as an Advanced-Care Paramedic until after he returns to practice as a Primary Care Paramedic for at least 12 months and he completes an ACP refresher program.