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Full v. Restricted Licensing

PANB has had to restrict certain paramedic licenses following the bylaw amendment passed at the 2011 AGM. Essentially, when the new 2011 NOCP profile was adopted it was clear not all practicing medics were meeting all of the criteria they needed to maintain a PCP license. It seemed unfair to force paramedics in NB to have to upgrade their training if they we’re never going to be able to maintain competency with the enhanced scope of practice. 

A restricted license was issued to medics that did not have what we have dubbed e-skills which was a set of advanced competencies that Ambulance New Brunswick medics carried out in their practice. PANB will not be issuing restricted licenses to paramedics who decide to no longer carry the new skills accompanied by the NOCP upgrade. It is the responsibility of each practionner to ensure they remain competent in providing every skill at their licensure level. 

The goal of restricted licensing was to ensure that the practitoners themselves knew what skills they could and couldn’t perform as well as for other profesionals to know the same. 

Restricted licenses we’re issued in May 2012 along with a letter and new id card to reflect the changes to the NOCP Scope of Practice. If you have received such a letter than you may choose to hold your restricted license as long as you practice or you may chose to upgrade your license to a full status by upgrading your education and skills. 

For more information regarding restricted licensing please contact PANB directly.


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