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Act, Bylaws & Rules

New Brunswick is one of a few provinces within Canada that has its own legislation regarding paramedic practice and such has its own act. The Paramedic Act received Royal Assent June 22, 2006 and forever changed how paramedicine would be viewed by the PANB. Given a new mandate, PANB made incredible advances for both its membership and the public and continues everyday to make strides towards the future.

The Paramedic Association of New Brunswick is guided by a set of Bylaws (or rules) as to how it does its business. This document speaks to the makeup of the Board of Directors, How the chapters are broken down, and other important information regarding the association.

Please feel free to review this, or any document in its electronic version as they are posted for general viewing. We encourage all our members to keep abreast of changes to the bylaws as changes can affect their practice.

Paramedic Act

Bylaws 2015