Press Release on New Brunswick 2020-2021 Budget

March 10, 2020
Fredericton, NB
The Paramedic Association (PANB) is very pleased to see key initiatives related to Paramedic practice in New Brunswick announced today within the 2020-21 Provincial Budget.
Government has accepted and acted upon some of the key recommendations in PANB’s White Paper which was released in October 2018:

  1. “The Government immediately ensures that advanced care paramedics (ACP) be provided with equipment and authority to practice whenever they are working in the paramedic system”.
  2. “The Government ensures that the deployment of advanced care paramedics be province wide, in addition to current locations”.
  3. “The Government ensures that multiple patient units be created to accommodate low acuity patients being transferred along the main transfer corridors”.
    In response to our recommendations, Government has empowered our ACPs to practice to their full scope, wherever they may be working. This allows paramedics to treat patients in urban, rural and remote parts of this province in a way that will improve health outcomes, by allowing these ACPs to have access to a progressive skill set that include thrombolytics and point of care ultrasound.
    Government has also committed to expand our fleet of ambulances to address a growing community need for bariatric capable transportation and a system wide need for multi-patient transport vehicles in our most commonly traveled routes.
    We have long been advocating for these improvements to our Paramedic system and today we see the results of our endeavors. PANB feels these announcements comprise some of the foundational elements required in any Healthcare reforms being considered for our province.
    We thank the Government for their wisdom and tenacity in improving our Paramedic system and continuing to advocate for Paramedics.
    For additional information or to schedule media availability, contact Chris Hood, Executive Director.