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Reaction to Healthcare Reform Announcement

The Paramedic Association of New Brunswick (PANB) is the regulatory body and professional association for the over 1100 paramedics in the province of New Brunswick.

In reaction to the healthcare reform announcement:

  • PANB is an advocate for healthcare reform at all levels, including the paramedic system. The status quo for our healthcare system isn’t good enough and we recognize the current system is not structured to succeed.
  • PANB recognizes our 2 Regional Health Authorities are experiencing challenges in terms of service delivery and human resourcing. These similar challenges are being experienced in the paramedic system today.
  • There are many strategies that need to be employed to lessen the impact of these emergency room reforms. An example would be deploying Advanced Care Paramedics into affected communities, which would bring more advanced interventions into the home, and mitigate long hospital stays with things like thrombolytics and advanced pain management at the community level.
  • It is vital that paramedics are present in these affected communities moving forward. Deployment is an area of concern for PANB, and the government should look closely at developing a community-based paramedic system to help lessen the burden of rural health emergencies.

For additional information or to schedule media availability, contact Chris Hood, Executive Director