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The complaints committee is composed of three members; two being registered PANB members in good standing and one non-member of the association to represent the public. Terms on the committee last three years and members need two have 2 years work experience in their respective field and will have 2 references that can attest to fair and just conduct and respect for confidentiality.


Nominated Association Members
Public Representatives

The complaints committee is responsible for conducting all investigations into complaints received by the Registrar/Executive Director if the complaint alleges that a member has been guilty of: 

– professional conduct 
– conduct unbecoming a member including any conduct that might adversely affect the standing of good name of the profession or the Association 
– incompetence 
– conduct demonstrating that the member is unfit or incapable to practise as a paramedic 
– any conduct in breach of the provisions of the Act, by-laws or rules 
– dishonesty 
– any habit rendering the member unfit or incapable of carrying of the practice of a paramedic 
– in suffering from any ailment or condition rendering the member unfit or incapable of carrying on the practice of a paramedic 

The process of how a complaint is dealt with and processed will be described in “how to make/file a complaint?” and “What will happen to a complaint once it is filed?” Please stay tuned for this information to pop up on the FAQ Tab.