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Code of Values & Ethics

As Paramedics, we value:

A paramedic strives to serve the patient, the community and the profession.

A paramedic strives to behave in a manner at all times that brings admiration, acknowledgement and respect to the profession.

A paramedic accepts that being a member of the profession is an honour and a privilege and strives to adhere to the values and ethics of the profession at all times.

A paramedic accepts that the profession imposes an element of unavoidable personal risk and meets this challenge selflessly to the benefit of the patient, peers and the public.

A paramedic acts to ensure that the patient’s personal and patient care needs are met, intervening with peers, colleagues and others when necessary.

Responsibility to Patient
A paramedic acts so that the patient’s rights to decision-making, safety, dignity, privacy and confidentiality are maintained.

A paramedic accepts primary responsibility for professional and personal actions that impact the patient, peers, colleagues, the public and the profession.

A paramedic accepts the responsibility to take personal action to make changes to improve service to the public.