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Our mission is to develop and promote the highest ethical, educational and clinical standards for all Paramedics.

You have a new website!

After several years our website has become tired, it was time to give a much needed overhaul. We knew much of the information was difficult to find and it really wasn’t as functional as it could be — More than that, in order to fully inform all Paramedics adequately, it was imperative that we have a new site with better functionality and upgraded content.

With the idea of  “buying local” in mind, not only did we hire a New Brunswick company for this endeavour, we hired a Paramedic. We started the first phase of our website redesign in early February by rolling out a soft launch to allow us the time to work through any issues that might arise. We’ve worked out most of the issues but we are happy to share with you, your new redesign that we believe will be a huge benefit to all.

We offer an annual registration process that is completely online with an abundance of resources available for this process.

First responders with operational stress injuries are much more likely to develop a mental disorder than the general population.

We want to hear from you. If you have a concern, question or suggestion, we’re willing to listen.