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2019 Registration Renewal

The Paramedic Association of New Brunswick is pleased to release the “How to” document for the 2019 registration renewal process.

What the process looks like, and how you navigate through it will be explained in detail in the following pages. What you need to know is that for 2019, the process will be the same as 2018 which included the purchase and showing proof of your own Professional Liability Insurance, the completion of Mandatory Online Educational Components, the requirement for Continuing Education Credits (obtained in 2018) and the renewal of your demographic information and payment of your dues.

Also, as started in 2017, PCP’s and ACP’s will be required to upload proof of a current (within previous 365 days) CPR (HCP) level certificate. ACP’s will be further required to upload proof of a current (within 2 years) ACLS or PALS certificate.

All of these steps must be completed prior to your renewal being complete and must be done by December 15, 2018 to avoid the late renewal penalties, and the potential disruption of your ability to practice.

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We offer an annual registration process that is completely online with an abundance of resources available for this process.

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